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Project Description

The Raster Normalizer is an application developed by Coordinate Solutions Inc. that reprojects large (typically county-wide) rasters into a series of 3.25 minute square GeoTiffs in Geographic Coordinate System WGS 1984 (EPSG: 4326).

Use this if you need to make really large raster datasets for use in GeoServer. It should work worldwide. You can import most any geo-referenced image and this program will create tiles of the desired size by merging the incoming image with previous images. It also can remove the "ugly black lines" between images that have been compressed, like MrSID and Jpeg files.

This is a tool to create a seamless multi resolution tiled raster system that can take in a variety of formats, projections etc, then create the back end tiles. The final size came in slightly larger than the original MrSID, and seems to work quite well in Geoserver. The backend tiles are in WGS84 (for worldwide coverage without losing resolution), and Jpeg CMYK. The tool basically just makes calls to GDAL, and is a VB.NET program.
Recently we added the ability to import large DEM datasets and create seamless hillshading and DEM files.

Coordinate Solutions Inc. is making this available in the hope that other GeoServer users will benefit from it.

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